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A ministry that destigmatizes mental health.



The Hu'Mend Network is a 501c3 non-profit ministry of mending the mindsets in youth and young adults living with a mental disorder. Hu'Mend's mission is to educate and bring more awareness to mental health, especially in the African American and other underserved communities.


Hu'mend Network provides free to sliding scale holistic social-emotional life coaching, peer connection, suicide prevention and educational resources and referrals to mental health professionals for youth and their families.

As a result of these practical approaches, youth are empowered to boldly live in their truth authentically and unapologetic. Of course this in turn generates positive change within their family, social lives and response to educators.

Hu'Mend Network was birth as a result of Coach Ky's personal journey of learning the power of letting go of negative baggage and motivating herself to have a fulfilled life while living with bipolar disor. She believes in the power of a healthy ego (positive self perception) and self forgiveness as the first step. Here at Hu'Mend Network we believe that you are the creator of your life...let's work together to mind-mend* (renewed mindset) and crochet a legacy that you can be proud of!

The Hu'mend Network was founded in 2014 however due to the 2019 pandemic and the spike of mental health issues, was rebirthed in 2021. 

Mission - Our mission is to educate and bring more awareness to mental health in order to erase the stigma.


Vision - Our vision is a 360 fold of mending...mentally, physically and spiritually. The outcome will be healthier families and communities with youth living authentically, regardless of their mental diagnosis. 


"Through my personal experiences, I understand the fears, shame and loneliness that most people living with mental distress encounter on a daily basis. I'm also familiar with the toxicity associated with unforgiveness and carrying emotions that do not serve you." - Coach Ky


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