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Coach Ky's most important mission is to erase the stigma of mental health, especially in the African American and other under served communities. She utilizes the lessons she has learned in her journey living with bipolar disorder to cultivate a positive mind shift within individuals struggling to emancipate themselves from negativity associated with living with a mental disorder.
As a Certified Peer Specialist and Mental Health First Aid Responder for both youth and adult, she is able to identify mental health crisis and assist with transition to professional care.

A Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in Self-forgiveness, her holistic coaching style connects individuals to the 'self' through mindfulness-based talk therapy, Solfeggio sound frequencies and connections to licensed therapists.

Signature Coaching Programs include:

1. The Art of Self-Forgiveness

2. The Art of Self-ish (ness)

3. Cultivate Inner Peace through Self-Acceptance & Self-care

4. Reprogram how you see yourself: You are not your diagnosis 

 Although Coach Ky is fashioned for the younger generation, she is tailored for anyone whose desire is to take control over negative thinking and manifest the life they want; overcoming fears, fulfilling dreams and falling in love with themselves!

Coach addresses the need to help others feel loved and identify their gift to this world. She's an Inspirational Speaker that captivates audiences with her testimony and teaches them to also use their testimonies to positively impact their communities so that they too can change the lives of others.

Measure.  Alter.   Mend.

Coach Ky will help mend the torn fabric of your life into an exquisite cloak of self love, forgiveness and empowerment.


Needle & Thread
Drawing of Wool Yarn
Butterfly Embroidery

One on One Mending 

Group Mending 

Inspirational Mending
(Motivational Speaking)

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